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Go Alkaline is a consumer focused company propagating the concept of safest available drinking water for the elite consumers.

Go alkaline is also a mission to provide access and availability through digital channels to market premium alkaline water brands & solutions with bottled water, Alkaline pouches to those who can afford it.

The first brand for alkaline water we are making accessible is premium Malaki Alkaline water.

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Malaki Alkaline Water is a very light water known for its alkaline benefits with a pH level of up to 9.5. It is anti ageing, anti hangover and super hydrating. Considered as one of the most Healthiest water by Doctors and nutritionists worldwide.

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About Alkaline

Alkaline is a term based on a substance's pH, (the "H" referring to the hydrogen ion concentration) or level of acidity, neutrality, or alkalinity. There are acids that can kill you (such as sulfuric acid) and bases that can kill you (such as drain cleaner or bleach). Most acids and bases are safe, lying closer to the center of the scale, or 7.0. A pH of 7.0 is considered neutral, neither acidic nor basic. Acidic substances have a pH of less than 7.0, such as lemons, stomach acid, or tomatoes. Alkaline (also known as basic) substances have a pH greater than 7.0, up to a pH of 14.

Examples are sea water, milk of magnesia, ammonia and bleach. Blood's pH is approximately 7.4. Water clocks in at a perfect 7.0, containing one acidic hydrogen ion (H+) and one basic hydroxide ion (OH-), balancing each other out to make water neutral.